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Children’s Bible Study

I have been frustrated for some time trying to find an appropriately written children’s Bible study for my boys, ages 11 and 12.  They are at an age now where I am looking for a few key things in a study:

  1. Uses actual Scripture.
  2. Focuses on the good news of Jesus throughout.
  3. Invites them into the Word (less lecture, more inquiry).
  4. Treats Scripture as the story of Jesus more than individual moral lessons.
  5. Moves them through Scripture in developmentally appropriate ways.

I was talking with the wife of one of my pastor’s, and she too was looking for something along those lines.  I have written the first two weeks and plan to continue for 52 weeks, though there likely will be a bump in the road as I recover from cancer surgery in the coming weeks.

If you are looking for something along those lines (geared probably for 4th to 9th grade, depending on reading level and comfort looking up Scripture), email me at, and I will send them to you weekly as I write them.  Right now, I’m printing them off, hole-punching, and putting them in a three-ring binder for my two boys.  They consist of 4 lessons for the boys to do each week.

The first one is an overview of the command to love God and love our neighbor.  Since all the Laws and Prophets hang on these two, it seemed a good place (at least for my boys) to start.  The next week begins in Genesis, to start our march through Scripture.  I’ve included the first two weeks here. If you want to continue receiving them, email me at

Bible Study Week 1

Bible Study Week 2

I appreciate your continued prayers for me as I prepare for surgery.  So many of you have sent me love and encouragement.  You have gone before me in your own suffering and come out with beautiful faith as you endure in your own trials.  I have been blessed by your emails to me, comments on my blog, and notes in the mail.  I can’t thank you all enough.