About Me

I began these “lectures to myself” with no idea that others would be interested in reading them. Since 2008, I have put into word form the lessons God has been teaching me about His Word and His heart for me and other women as His daughters–created in His image as strong warrior helpers, necessarily allies, in God’s kingdom purposes.

I have written four books. My favorite may be the one that has sold the least copies, a study of Ephesians called By His Wounds You are Healed: How the Message of Ephesians Transforms a Woman’s Identity. Each of my books can be used for individual or small group Bible study. Only Practical Theology for Women does not have discussion questions in it. You can email me at theologyforwomen@gmail.com if you would like a free Leader’s Guide with discussion questions for it.

I am available for women’s events in the southeast. As a single mom of young boys, air travel is hard for me. But if you are in South Carolina, North Carolina, or Georgia, and need a speaker on biblical womanhood, a woman’s identity in Christ, or training in apologetic outreach toward women who identify with feminist ideals, I would love to hear about your event. I only ask that my travel expenses be covered and accept whatever stipend your event has budgeted.

You can email me at theologyforwomen@gmail.com.