Theology for the Rest of Us

I don’t get to post much here any more. This guest post at the PCA’s enCourage blog gives some insight why.

“I no longer have time or mental energy to research the types of commentaries or online theological discussions I used to find intriguing and informative. Yet, my need to live in light of the deep truths of the Word of God is as strong as ever. Now more than ever, I need to use the Scriptures accurately and understand correct theology. My lack of margin for reading and deeper study of the Scriptures has done nothing to eliminate my need of them.”

Read more here.

I also had the privilege of sitting down with Karen Hodge for the enCourage podcast, where I was able to talk about my first love–teaching theology to women in accessible ways. You can listen here.

2 Responses to Theology for the Rest of Us

  1. Jana April 26, 2019 at 9:34 am #

    I relate to what you’ve shared here, Wendy. It’s funny… when my children were young, I felt as though life was so busy. Now that they’re older, I’m not physically as busy with helping them in practical ways, but we don’t have daily nap times and early bedtimes to give me that precious quiet time that fed my soul so richly in the early years. How grateful I am for the Treasures that filled my heart in those seasons. They continue to feed me and inform my shorter times in God’s Word.

  2. Curious Thinker April 28, 2019 at 7:35 pm #

    I wish you well and pray for you in your whatever path you take and continue your study of theology. God Bless.