Godliness with Contentment

I had the opportunity to speak at the Grace and Truth Conference in Rockford, IL last weekend. I have realized that traveling for speaking engagements just doesn’t work for my family at our stage of life. But these folks treated me very well and it was a blessing to be with them. I’m glad we bit the bullet and decided as a family to make it happen, though I don’t foresee us doing it again any time soon.

Most of all, I am glad that I was forced to study through the idea of contentment, which was the focus of the conference. God has worked much in my heart, especially as I wrestled with the phrase “godliness with contentment” from I Tim. 6 in preparation for teaching. Here are links to three of the sessions, two by myself and one by my friend, Holly Stratton.

1) Godliness with Contentment.

Godliness (piety/devotion to God) and contentment seem mutually exclusive. How do you love God and long for His kingdom to come and be content when your children rebel, your husband fails you, your friend rejects you, or your church splits? It’s one thing to be content with your bank account or clothing options. But what about life situations that are clearly not what you are called to long for when we pray for His will to be done?

2) The Hope of the Gospel.

Holly Stratton encouraged me so much with this session. If you’ve struggled as you raise your children with confidence that He who began the good work in their hearts will perform it until the day of Christ’s return, this message is for you.

3) The Discontent Psalmist.

This is a look at Psalms 73, which I call a case study in godliness without contentment. It corresponds to the session on godliness with contentment and applies those truths in practical ways.

I’m going to post some thoughts from these sessions in the coming weeks. So more to come on godliness with contentment — a concept that has become very precious to me over the last year.

2 Responses to Godliness with Contentment

  1. joydriven May 9, 2011 at 1:52 pm #

    Thanks, Wendy. I started re-listening over this weekend and into this morning (will continue as I unpack the storage unit contents I brought back with this past trip). There's *such* a need for practical Gospel dot-connecting between the perceived and true reality (that “dot-connecting” makes it sound so trivial, when really it's more the magnitude of quarks and strings).

  2. Wendy May 9, 2011 at 2:33 pm #

    Joy, you are the first person to comment on my blog using the words quarks or strings. It made me giggle. Love you, friend!