Oswald Chambers On Disillusionment

This is from the updated version of Oswald Chamber’s My Utmost for His Highest. Thanks to my good friend Mary for sending this to me.

The Teaching of Disillusionment

Jesus did not commit Himself to them . . . , for He knew what was in man —John 2:24-25

Disillusionment means having no more misconceptions, false impressions, and false judgments in life; it means being free from these deceptions. However, though no longer deceived, our experience of disillusionment may actually leave us cynical and overly critical in our judgment of others. But the disillusionment that comes from God brings us to the point where we see people as they really are, yet without any cynicism or any stinging and bitter criticism. Many of the things in life that inflict the greatest injury, grief, or pain, stem from the fact that we suffer from illusions. We are not true to one another as facts, seeing each other as we really are; we are only true to our misconceived ideas of one another. According to our thinking, everything is either delightful and good, or it is evil, malicious, and cowardly.

Refusing to be disillusioned is the cause of much of the suffering of human life. And this is how that suffering happens— if we love someone, but do not love God, we demand total perfection and righteousness from that person, and when we do not get it we become cruel and vindictive; yet we are demanding of a human being something which he or she cannot possibly give. There is only one Being who can completely satisfy to the absolute depth of the hurting human heart, and that is the Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lord is so obviously uncompromising with regard to every human relationship because He knows that every relationship that is not based on faithfulness to Himself will end in disaster. Our Lord trusted no one, and never placed His faith in people, yet He was never suspicious or bitter. Our Lord’s confidence in God, and in what God’s grace could do for anyone, was so perfect that He never despaired, never giving up hope for any person. If our trust is placed in human beings, we will end up despairing of everyone.

One Response to Oswald Chambers On Disillusionment

  1. Wenatchee the Hatchet January 19, 2010 at 11:48 pm #

    When Paul wrote that hope does not disappoint I have to remind myself that he wasn't talking about hope in some abstract sense, like the hope that emerges from the box opened by Pandora. The hope that does not disappoint is that Christ will make all things new and is risen.

    The paradox, for me, is that Christ uses people to deliver His people. God used Moses, the judges, Samuel, Saul, David, and others to deliver His people through material crisis. God could have delivered His people out of Egypt without using Moses … and yet He used Moses. Arguably the Incarnation itself reveals that Yahweh saw fit to use a man deliver mankind/humanity, which is mysterious, obviously.